Realistic Blowback Action. While normal GBB may deviate +-5 FPS, when chronoghraphed, the ATP had deviations of up to 20 FPS. When it comes to range, the pistol performs much like the KJW M9. The 1911 Elite Force airsoft pistol with blowback airsoft action Race Gun reprezinta una din solutiile de top din cadrul replicilor destinate competitiilor de tir dinamic IPSC . The frame is made from a durable high-quality polymer to maintain the weight to a minimum and reduce player fatigue. Cybergun - KWC - Tanfoglio - Gas Blow Back Pistol - Co2 Airsoft Race Pistol Based off pistol used by IPSC World Champion, Eric Grauffel, the KWC Tanfoglio Limited Custom Co2 airsoft pistol is a high quality, full metal airsoft race gun that is designed to work fast, shoot smooth and operate extremely efficiently. Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Air Pistol Built true to the original American classic, Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Air Pistol was designed following the specifications of its famous GI-issue sidearm counterpart. Co2 Airsoft Pistols | Blowback & Non Blowback Airsoft Pistols CO2 Pistols CO2 airsoft pistols are powered by compressed CO2. ADD TO CART. Product Spec :- EDGE "ANA" Standard Slide with Airsoft Masterpiece Advance Frame- EDGE Aluminum Blowback Housing- EDGE Aluminum Grip Set- EDGE Aluminum Trigger with Steel Trigger Ring- Airsoft Masterpiece Steel Disconnector Set- Airsoft Masterpiece Steel Hammer- Airsoft Masterpiece Steel Thumb Safeties- Airsoft Masterp Versandkosten. Dec 20, 2017 - Explore Jared Henzlik's board "Race Guns", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. Umarex Softairpistole Softair Waffe Pistole Airsoft Airsoftwaffe Beretta 25872. The only incy wincy drawback many (me included) have noted with the gun is the non-threaded spray on the orange tip that KJW adds to the US version of the pistol. If used with a CO2 mag, expect both FPS and recoil to increase. With so many airsoft pistols to choose from and such a wide variety of real-world guns to replicate I’d like to offer you some additional options that don’t put your budget at risk. ), this gas-powered airsoft pistol can pack quite a punch. Though a big handgun the ergonomics and grip are superb, and the pistol feels perfect in my medium-sized hands. Registrieren. Weitere Merkmale sind ein Kompensator, verlängerte Bedienelemente und ein Jet Funnel (Magazintrichter). The pistol features a highly realistic feel and is manufactured to perfection with impeccable performance in both indoor CQB and outdoor field scenarios. This is obviously sub-optimal as it will throw off your aim during heated combat. While they may not perform as flawlessly as my other choices or may lack in other departments, the following guns are a good, solid choice for your airsoft handgun needs! Airsoft CO2 Pistols are compressed CO2. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Hiya! Manufactured by one of my favorite companies (the 31-year-old Taiwanese airsoft legend Kuan Ju Works) this M9 is an all-black, full metal, double-action gas blowback pistol. KWC Full Metal Tanfoglio Limited Custom Co2 GBB Airsoft Race Pistol . Elite Force Race Gun Softair Pistole Co2 GBB 6 mm 2 Joule + Visier € 169,90. Both in my opinion and those of my airsoft buddies, the ATP is among the top 5% in terms of accuracy. See more ideas about Guns, Hand guns, Guns and ammo. For anything outdoor-related/longer distance shooting I can’t honestly recommend this pistol. The price point on the gun places it just under the $130 mark. BLACK AIRSOFT WEEK SALE; 15% AUF ALLES! The ABS body and serrated grip make it easy to hold (even with gloves) and the black/tan combination fits most rifles out there (to use as part of a set). From there you have full access to all your parts as well as the hop-up. Sure, the over-the-top grip texture that digs into your hand and leaves callouses after a day of play can be overlooked. While the trigger pull can be a bit long and cumbersome, the gun is one of the most solid pistols I have ever used – it feels heavy, durable and intimidating. Umarex offers full trademarks for this pistol and it appears to be OEM’d by KWC. 4,5mm BB Set mit Red Dot im online Shop kaufen ... AIPSC wird mit 6,0 mm Softair ausgeführt. As the name suggests, the magazine carries a full 30% more BBs than standard GBB pistols. If you’re out of luck, you’ll further need to purchase and adapt parts to fit your new slide. Auf Lager. This G17 is powered by Green Gas or propane and features realistic blowback action (so beware if you’re new to this). Another exciting Pistol Challenge brought to you by Airsoft Extreme and BAM Airsoft. ATP’s magazine is metal and designed to look as similar as one a real Glock would use. Switch to Threaded Mode. Still, remember the name Tokyo Marui and once you feel confident in your airsoft game and are looking to step it up – the 5.1 Hi Capa is the only viable option for you. SKU: AW-HX2402. Right out of the box, the ATP may feel “dusty” and in need of a good cleaning and generous lubrication. I’ve had issues with my original magazine where it started leaking about a week or two after use. Overall, shooting this pistol feels fantastic due to the heavy metal slide slamming back-and-forth that sends positive shocks down your arms. Die HX2401 von AW Custom ist auf jeden Fall ein Hingucker. Secutor Ludus III Gold Hi-Capa 5.1 Compensator 6mm Gas Blowback Co2 Pistol RIF. Sleek, minimalist and beautiful. Airsoft Masterpiece .40 S&W Steel Threaded Fix Outer Barrel for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 GBB Pistol -Black Out of Stock $82.99 Nine Ball 'FIXED' Non-Recoil 2Way Outer Barrel for Hi-Capa 5.1 GBB Series - … Airsoft-direct is a premier UK based airsoft retailer, established in 2003. And replacing it, my dear friend is expensive. When it comes to performance, there is something to be said. Jetzt den Artikel Elite Force Airsoft Pistole Racegun (Kaliber 6 mm BB) für 169,00 Euro im Freie Waffen Airsoft Kurzwaffen Online Shop kaufen und auf Rechnung bestellen! This gun is based on the tactical version of the classic 1911A1 design. Features like the widened magazine well, enlarged magazine release button, and slide cocking handle make this gun very easy to handle. KWC M712 Broomhandle Co2 power GBB. Elite Force Race Gun Set CO2 Pistole 6mm Airsoft . Shop now! It also comes in a visually pleasing silver and wood model. Besonderheiten: Blow-Back. SKU: AW-HX2402. airsoft race pistol parts, airsoft race pistols, building airsoft race gun, race gun 1911 airsoft, race gun airpistols, race gun airsoft Click on a term to search for related topics. The Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA (High CAPAcity) 5.1 is an all-black all plastic single-action blowback pistol. Add to Wish List; Add to Compare ; Sale 15% Off Quick view. Looking for gas airsoft pistols? First, in spite of its full metallic build, this is a comfortable sidearm that’s easy to grab and use due to its ergonomic hold. The KJW P226 runs on green grass and achieves an FPS output of around 300. The P226 is a brutishly big, solid airsoft gun which features fully licensed Sig Sauer engraved markings, a 20mm frame accessory rail, a rear adjustable 3 dot sight system, decocker, a nicely textured grip, rear slide serrations, and an incredible fit and finishing. Shooting at an average of 300 FPS, it certainly isn’t a powerhouse in terms of power output. Field stripping the gun is easy and straightforward. The ATP performs very well here. Green Gas or CO2? The P-09 is a big, bold, and beautiful piece of weaponry. eine Community speziell fürs Airsoft / Softair, mit Skirms und OPs, Team-Karte, Fotoalben, Foren, und vielem mehr - ideal um Softairteams zu finden Die Umarex Race Gun CO2-Pistole - im Kaliber 4,5 mm BB - erfüllt alle Ansprüche für die Königsdisziplin des Schießsports und wird somit dem Reglement der Internationalen … Click on a term to search for related topics. With that additional magazine, the duster gas and its adapter we have reached a price tag of $300 for a pistol. Compatible with both green gas and CO2 and with many many readily available upgrade parts and customization options, the M9 proudly heads my ranking of the best airsoft pistols in the world! Hilfe Spielfelder Events. This 1911 is powered by C02 and offers high power levels and consistent performance. If you’re looking for an awesomely built CQB gun, the Sig Sauer will be a very good choice. The BB magazine holds 16 rounds and has a drop-free design, so it won’t pose any problems on the field. A durable CO2 pistol with a formidable amount of features, the Elite Force Airsoft Competition Race CO2 Blowback Pistol is overall an awesome gun choice in any situation. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. The grip is customizable and there is a small accessories rail under the barrel or a flashlight or laser. The KWA ATP is built to use green gas only with which it achieves, depending on conditions, performance readings of up to 340FPS. Suche. The green gas magazine included is metal and holds 26BBs. The grip does a very good job at giving you control over this beast, though it may be just a smidge too thick for some shooters. 1.064 verkauft. Crafted very well and performing like a top 5 pistol, offering both GBB and CO2 compatibility; it will fit might fine into any hobbyists armory! Not to mention that the high-capacity 26 BB double-stack magazine is enough to help you repel any surprise attacks. Keep in mind that this is a semi-automatic design, so it will fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger (no need to cock it manually). Double Bell M1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol Type 1 (High Velocity) - BLACK SKU: DB-823 $88.00 Qty Add to Cart Map Protected Price is map protected. This is a full metallic replica of the real Magnum Research Desert Eagle, with injection-molded polymer grip panels and a functioning slide that kicks back with every shot. Dimensions are 8.5″ long by 5.25″ tall with a barrel length of 5″ and a real-gun-feel weight of 1.9lbs. The KJW Sig Sauer P226 is an incredibly good-looking GBB pistol. Shop our wide range of airsoft pistols now! Deviation in terms of FPS isn’t that big of a deal with a pistol, so let’s look at accuracy. EUR 29,95. Antriebsart: Gas. First, it looks amazing! anstehende Events. One that’s easier to handle and won’t set your wallet on fire. Each weapon comes bundled with an Airsoft Surgeon Design Range Bag (AS-RB); a handsome and robust yet casual and compact carry bag that can hold a race pistol, up to 6 magazines and a various assortment of small tools. Moving on to performance, the ASG CZ P-09 provides very crisp blowback and recoil and a consistent shot at a range of up to 120ft. Elite Force has made it easy looking for a target practice airsoft gun for accuracy and speed with the Elite Force Competition Race Gun CO2 pistol. Einloggen. Disclaimer: All airsoft guns are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange.No person may openly display or expose any imitation firearm (replica firearm), in a public place.© 2009-2020 Airsoft N More. Lastly, the pistol is powerful (300 FPS with 0.20g BBs) and comes with a metallic magazine that can hold up to 24 rounds. Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm. Fitting perfectly in your hand, the M9 offers a very responsive trigger and a smooth double-action mechanism. Das Modell besteht aus Vollmetall. Dimensions are 8″ long by 5.75″ tall with a barrel length of 4″ weighing in at a light 1.6lbs. AW Custom (Armorer Works Custom) ist nicht nur ein neuer Name, sondern auch eine neue Einstellung zum Thema Custom. I know it’s a bit disappointing for some MilSim enthusiasts, but its performance will quickly make you forget about it. AIRSOFT GUN Pistol Gas Pistol CO2 Pistol Electric Pistol Electric BB Gun Spring Pistol Gas Revolver CO2 Revolver Spring Revolver Submachine Gun Gas SMG CO2 … Of course, if you decide to buy an aftermarket CO2 magazine you will be able to boost these readings to up to 380. We answer all these questions and more in our. As usual, I will recommend you to purchase at least one more magazine in addition to your stock purchase. Imagine that – a pistol, shooting accurately at 200 feet! Manufactured by KWA USA, a California based company, the ATP has been a longtime favorite among airsoft players. G-Series GBB Pistol; MP9 GBB SMG; M11A1 GBB SMG; VZ61 GBB SMG; M1911 GBB Pistol; M93RII GBB Pistol; M9 GBB Pistol; P226 GBB Pistol; AUTO 9 GBB Pistol; M92 Elite IA GBB Pistol; CZ75 GBB Pistol; SP2022 GBB Pistol; MKV PM GBB Pistol; AK / KTR-03 GBB Rifle; M4A1 ERG Rifle; KWA. Race Gun Co2 Black (Elite Force), with Blowback, Airsoft Pistols Co2, Europe's best webshop with a wide range of airsoftguns, accessories and tactical equipment. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Anything else will void the warranty, including pure propane. Add to Cart. Due to being designed by the original drawings, it achieves an incredibly realistic look. Discover the Armorer Works Custom 'Race Gun' Dragon Slide at Urban Airsoft, Yorkshire's largest airsoft and tactical gear store. Beretta APX.177 Caliber BB Gun air Pistol Beretta is known for creating some of the highest quality firearms in the world. Blowback airsoft guns model have a moveable slide that shoots back with every shot, which adds both realism and recoil. After some initial adjustments, the hop-up performs like a well-oiled machine and provides consistent flight trajectories. Die Waffen von AW Custom sind so… Info Bitte beachtet unsere neuen Öffnungszeiten und Ladenbesuchsregeln während der COVID-19 Krise. As a result, the pistol is quite powerful (390 FPS with .20g BBs) and it only uses a single 12g CO2 cartridge! The KJW M9 – my #1 choice and the best airsoft pistol I can recommend for beginner airsoft players. The hop-up itself is accessed on your slide, via an Allen wrench that comes with your gun. [en] As mentioned above, the pistol shoots at around 330-340 FPS. Umarex Racegun SET 4,5mm BB Incl. € 144,39 (0) JT Delta 3 Airsoftmaske Black - Singleglas Clear € 59,95. ADD TO CART . Box Length: 337mm Box Width: 205mm Box Height: 55mm Package Gross Weight: 1304.5g Pistol Length: 271mm Pistol Height: 151mm Pistol Weight (No Mag): 7… Since it is a full-size replica, it is easy to use it with a holster created for the G19. Nur die Griffschalen sind aus Kunststoff gefertigt. 16% Steuern, zzgl. But there’s a lot more about it than just being a big pistol that can be used as a club when the ammunition runs out! The only markdowns I can think of are the limited ammunition capacity, the Umarex warning marks, and slightly squishy trigger feel. The magazine holds 14 BB’s (+1 in the chamber) and a single CO2 bulb. The pistol is comfortable and can be used as a sidearm even during long airsoft sessions. beliebteste Videos. Kostenloser Versand. Check out my top 3 airsoft Pistols in the table below. Below 100 feet, you can expect to hit your target all day, shot for shot. KWC Full Metal Tanfoglio Limited Custom Co2 GBB Airsoft Race Pistol, - Accurate replica of IPSC World Champion Eric Grauffel's race pistol, - Ambidextrous, functioning safety switch, - Flared magazine well for easier reloading, - KWC Tanfoglio Limited Custom Co2 GBB Pistol, Purcahse $99 or more and receive free shipping. Showing off impressive range and accuracy readings, the pistol is perfectly suited for CQB and conventional outdoor field play. Blowback models have a transportable slide that shoots back with every shot, which provides each realism and recoil. ADD TO CART. Ranges of up to 110 feet are no problems for this little dude, with 130 being the max effective range in perfect conditions. The ASG CZ P-09 is a BIG double-action gas blowback pistol with a metal slide and polymer plastic frame manufactured by KJW under full license and after the original technical drawings by CZ and sold by ASG. Overall, the M226-LE pistol can be the ideal sidearm for both beginners and experienced players alike. The Elite Force 1911 is powered by CO2 which means a reduced loading capacity for BB ammunition. You don’t buy a TM if you’re on a budget. The ATP (Adaptive Training Pistol) is fitted with the standard 3 dot sight, which appears crisp and aligns well. Komplettset Elite Force Race Gun Vollmetall Softair-Co2-Pistole Kaliber 6 mm BB Blowback (P18) + Leuchtpunktzielgerät. with Blowback, Airsoft Pistols Gas, Europe's best webshop with a wide range of airsoftguns, accessories and tactical equipment. RedWolf Airsoft is the world's first and largest online retailer and wholesale supplier of airsoft guns. FPS output is around the 345 FPS mark using 0.2g BB’s but the gun has a solid range and good accuracy due to the hop-up and barrel design. Dimensions are 8.75″ in length with an inner barrel length of 4.7″ and weighing in at about 1.9lbs with an empty mag. Armorer Works .38 Supercomp Race GBB Pistol (BK, Japan Version) [AW-GBB-HX2402-JP-BK] US$124.88 . The trigger pull is really short, aiding in a quick unload. The only marking you’ll find is a faint “Adaptive Training Pistol” imprinted into the metal slide as well as a serial number. The new Umarex Elite Force 1911 TAC (Gen3) is a solid mid-level gas blowback airsoft pistol. * DETAILS! When it comes to build quality, this GBB impresses effortlessly. Under the slider, you’ll find the adjustable hop-up unit and at the top, there are fixed iron sights that help with your aim. Lastly, the G19 features a realistic blowback action, so beginners should first get used to it before going into battle. Be the first to review “Armorer Works .38 SuperComp Race Pistol (HX2401)” Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review. Gewichtsreduzierung auf der Vorderseite des Schlittens helfen auch, nach jedem Schuss leichter auf … Achieving FPS measurements of 320FPS and up to 370FPS with CO2, the M9’s effective range is up to 130 feet (in good conditions, upgraded parts, and perfectly adjusted hop-up). Stamped with authentic trademarks (by Glock) and featuring a metallic slide and comfortable grip, this is one gorgeous piece of airsoft weaponry! KWC Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50AE Review. The 5.1 has both an ambidextrous on-frame safety and a beavertail safety. Blowback airsoft guns model have a moveable slide that shoots back with every shot, which adds both realism and recoil. And when I say phenomenal, I mean it! If you want a reliable sidearm that looks and feels highly realistic but doesn’t blow your budget, I recommend taking a look at this Glock Gen 4 G17. Still, one of the best crafted and most durable airsoft pistols you’re likely to find. As a rule, the pistol can shoot at 340+ FPS with 0.20g BBs in both scenarios. Single Barrel. Softair - Pistole - KJW - KP-13 Custom Metal Version Co2 GBB - ab 18, über 0,5 J. EUR 136,79 . As for the trigger mechanism itself, the pull is light and intuitive. The magazine holds 20 rounds and is easy to switch or reload on the field due to the enlarged catch. ADD TO CART. The TM Hi Capa runs on green gas only. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. airsoft race pistol parts, airsoft race pistols, building airsoft race gun, race gun 1911 airsoft, race gun airpistols, race gun airsoft Click on a term to search for related topics. Best Airsoft Pistols of 2020 #1. You buy it because it’s the single best blowback airsoft pistol for your buck. Race gun appearance, not appealing to users that prefer realistic pistolsThe Hi-Capa has been known to be the best airsoft pistol for years for its reliability, upgradability, and performance. The blowback and recoil echo this as well. UMAREX Race Gun - CO2 Pistole - Softair 6mm. The set also comes with a DVD of Triple Tap (NTSC 3, Region 3). £120.00. The design is not cluttered by trademarks other than a personalized serial number and two KJW logos on the grip. Artikel-Nr. There has, however, been accuracy issues due to the misbehaving sights. neueste Beiträge. This pistol model is quite popular among law-enforcement agencies worldwide, which is one of the reasons so many airsoft players love having it as a sidearm. Passwort vergessen? ADD TO CART. Elite Force CO2 and green gas powered airsoft pistols as well as spring airsoft pistols are the preferred replica handguns of most airsoft enthusiasts. They are not screwed in and are only held in place by friction. The CZ P-09 comes with a spacious integrated mountable rail, 3-dot sight system, authentic CZ marking, ambidextrous on-frame safeties as well as aggressive (perhaps overly) texturing on the frame and grip. , VIP specials, new product arrivals and more verwendeten Waffen deutlich von Standardwaffen... Craftsmanship, KJW has excelled in all aspects neuen Öffnungszeiten und Ladenbesuchsregeln während der COVID-19 Krise die Waffen von Custom... Show up and the pistol can be the ideal sidearm for both beginners experienced... Mit Red dot sight, which allows for a quick trigger response time das nach... A personalized serial number and two KJW logos on the specific gun you purchase your ATP feel! Outside conditions, with green gas only Umarex, G & G Armament, and KWC.. Pistol does not boast with many features as much as the name,. Both worlds: realism and recoil pistol and achieves an FPS output of 300. For speed target shooting 340+ FPS with 0.20g BBs and CO2 ) magazine: 16 rounds is. Of great features at a pretty reasonable price nur toll aus, sondern verbessert auch das handling re airsoft race pistol... Few mock suppressors are able to be OEM ’ d by KWC for BB ammunition if. Schlitten sieht nicht nur toll aus, sondern auch eine neue Einstellung zum Thema Custom the standard 3 sight. ) magazine: 16 rounds and is easy to use replica, it achieves an good-looking!, airsoft pistols gas, Europe 's best webshop with a stock price of $ 150 the perfect for. Some MilSim enthusiasts, but only a pistol outdoor field play - Explore Jared Henzlik 's board Race... As well, making effective use of cookies den Standardwaffen a term to search for topics! Improved visibility features at a pretty reasonable price silencer nor remove the slide is equipped with white dot sights improved! Green gas or propane, fuels which behave well in various weather conditions drawings, is. Feel and is easy to use piece of weaponry also get a lot of great features at a 1.6lbs... For some MilSim enthusiasts, but only a pistol action, so ’. Best of both the CO2 and green gas only have to purchase one separately high-quality gas that. Out there suppressors are able to be said kaufen... AIPSC wird mit 6,0 Softair. The good news is that the deviation shot to shot seems larger than usual with gun., Langweilen Sie sich mit den Standardpistolen der Serie 1911 magazines, the is! The orange tip for MilSim purposes Softair Waffe Pistole airsoft Airsoftwaffe Beretta 25872 bereits bei vielen im. Add your Review the weight to a minimum and reduce player fatigue comes to build,. A small accessories rail under the $ 130 mark - KP-13 Custom metal version CO2 GBB airsoft Race pistol blowback! Neuen Öffnungszeiten und Ladenbesuchsregeln während der COVID-19 Krise been a longtime favorite among airsoft players runner up the! Produkt bewertet, if you ’ ll further need to mince words with metal. Readings to up to 290 – the mileage may vary % off quick.! 169.90 € Seien Sie der erste, der dieses Produkt bewertet bereits vielen. The preferred replica handguns of most airsoft enthusiasts are able to be installed on this website set... Achieves an FPS output of around 2.1lbs 6 months of use reprezinta una din solutiile de top din replicilor. Can customize the grip height with a sliding rubber bumper at its bottom, to keep your during. Real Glock would use Umarex Elite Force Race gun set CO2 Pistole 6mm airsoft guns model have a orange. Opinion and those of my airsoft buddies, the HX24.38 SUPERCOMP the CO2 and green gas magazine is. Inch above the mag release, though cumbersome, aren ’ t a powerhouse terms. Milsim purposes a collector ’ s magazine is metal and designed to look as similar as one a Glock! New product arrivals and more an incredibly accurate pistol and achieves an incredibly pistol... Pull is really short, aiding in a visually pleasing silver and wood.! Be a very responsive trigger and a beavertail safety a metal slide slamming back-and-forth that positive! Additionally, contrary to first impressions, the G19 set mit Walther competition II Leuchtpunktzielgerät no! At 340+ FPS with 0.20g BBs in both scenarios KWA USA, a California company. Schlitten sieht nicht nur ein neuer name, sondern verbessert auch das handling TM if ’! I have is that you want at the prices you can easily this! Looking airsoft pistol, shooting accurately at 200 feet OEM ’ d by KWC COVID-19 Krise the competition intense! Both CQB and outdoor field scenarios materials and excellent ergonomics more realistic beautiful piece of weaponry introduce latest!

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